Develop Catholic Schooling Resources

Our schools are where students are taught to deepen compassion and express their spirituality. They are where we engage the next generations of Catholics.

A portion of the 30% of campaign contributions will allow us to continue to provide access to innovative, flexible and traditional models of Catholic education, as well as, support for Beacon of Hope Scholarships that assist families of poor and modest means to afford a Catholic education, with the goal of doubling the current number of scholarships awarded.

The Beacon of Hope Scholarship Fund that is already making a tremendous impact on Catholic education within our communities. The Fund helps to provide a hopeful future for the children of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany by providing families with tuition assistance for their children to attend one of our 23 Diocesan schools. Each year, the Fund receives at least 250 applications. In the past two years, a total of 44 recipients, three to four students per school, have each received a $1,500 scholarship.

Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools