Re-Igniting Our Faith will ensure that our parish communities, ministries and programs will continue to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. We must act now so that we may share our rich faith with generations to come. Please join us in re-igniting our faith by participating in your local parish campaign.

Through Re-Igniting Our Faith we will:

Enhance Our Local Church

Our parishes are the heart of our Church. They are not just buildings, they are living, breathing communities of faith comprised of our families, our neighbors and our friends. As our parish communities grow and change they must be treasured and cared for.

Meet Increased Vocations Demand

Priestly vocations have increased dramatically and, as the numbers of aspirants and seminarians rise, more funds are required for their formation and education.  Funding from the  Bishop’s Appeal no longer meets growing needs for preparing our future priests.

Care for Retired Clergy

Priests continue to serve our parishes well beyond retirement. Those who are retired require adequate income and housing. The current funds available do not meet the needs of the increasing number of retired clergy.

Invest in Evangelization

Evangelization is our mission, in essence, to share our faith and be witness to our relationship with Jesus to everyone.  Through Baptism, we promise to live this mission to go out, share the Good News, and make modern day disciples.

Develop Catholic Schooling Resources

Provide access to innovative, flexible and traditional models of Catholic education, as well as support for Beacon of Hope Scholarships that assist families of poor and modest means to afford a Catholic education.

Prayer of Re-Igniting Our Faith

God of untiring mercy, open our hearts to hear your voice.
Send your living flame of love into our hearts to overflow with abundant generosity of spirit.
May the burning passion of your love for all transfigure our lives, our families and our parishes.

Re-ignite in us each day the joy of spreading the Gospel.
May our living faith in your Real Presence shine in our hearts
so that we may bring it to whomever you lead us each day.

We place our prayer in the heart of Mary, under Her title of the Immaculate Conception,
Patroness of our nation and our Diocese, through which we consecrate ourselves to your Divine Mercy.